Indoor Play Area

Our Indoor Play Area is frequently visited by the children. This area is a source of fun filled learning where the children enjoy indulging in role play which helps in boosting their confidence and the spirit of team play. The Indoor Play Area provides respite to the children during inclement weather conditions such as extreme heat and spiked pollution levels in the environment. These areas aid in refining the social, kinaesthetic and spatial skills of the children.

We have the following Indoor Play Areas in our activity centre:

  • Doll House – Excellent for role-play.
  • Montessori Lab - Our Montessori specialists help in honing all the skills.
  • Super Mart - A true-life experience.
  • Metro and Fire Station – Hands-on experience.
  • Traffic Area - Traffic education to enable our children to become responsible and sensitive citizens of the country.
  • Gymnasium and Yoga Room – Our Wellness Centre.
  • Pottery Class - Firing their imagination.