Health and Safety


Our children's health while with us is of paramount importance. We have an infirmary in school staffed by a competent nurse from the Moolchand Hospital, with Max Hospital in close vicinity in case the need arises. With the quality of air in Delhi and the mosquito menace being of utmost concern, Air Purifiers are installed in each classroom as well as the common areas, and we periodically conduct fogging of the premises at appropriate times. When the outdoor conditions are not suitable, all outdoor activities are curtailed and children are kept indoors through the day. To ensure we provide our Children a clean environment, we work with leading professional cleaning services companies.


The safety and security of our children assumes top priority and takes precedence over everything else. Children are closely monitored by the class teachers and no child is left unattended at any given point in time. The teacher also supervises the children during their visits to the washroom and during school hours, only female staff is allowed to enter the washrooms. The child is personally handed over by the teacher to the parents/ guardians in the afternoon. Parents or others authorized by them, have to mandatorily carry the personal security card of the child at the time of dispersal.

Our school has been fortified by CCTV cameras and the security personnel are there to man the gates and the lawns.