A Tradition of Excellence

At Step by Step Nursery School, we believe that each child is unique. Keeping that in mind, we have incorporated different spheres of learning into our curriculum which have been put forth by Dr Howard Gardener in his Multiple Intelligence Theory.

  • Word Smart
    Linguistic / Verbal Intelligence
  • Number Smart
    Logical / Mathematical Intelligence
  • Picture Smart
    Visual / Spatial Intelligence
  • Music Smart
    Musical Intelligence
  • Body Smart
    Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • People Smart
    Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Self Smart
    Intrapersonal Intelligence
  • Nature Smart
    Naturalistic Intelligence

We firmly believe that each child’s pace and approach to learning varies. Hence, each one must be given the requisite time and space. We are a Reggio-inspired school and set great store by Environment playing the role of the third teacher. Teachers work as facilitators who enable the children to make their choices. They are encouraged to take up the same activity using different mediums. No child is ever forced to take up a task against his/her will.

Programmes We Provide

All our programmes start as Family Programmes, the duration of which changes with the different age groups. One family member accompanies the child to school for an hour every day.

Once the children are comfortably settled in, the timings are increased to the regular time slot of 2 hours for the Playgroup, 3 hours for the Toddlers, 4 hours for Montessori and 6 hours for Special Education Department.

  • Play Group

    Age Group: 14 months+
  • Toddlers

    Age Group: 17 months+
  • Montessori

    Age Group: 29 months+
  • Special Education Needs

* Age as on 31st March 2024


Since all learning is done through the five senses, special activities are devised to bring about retentive and effective learning.

We take guidance from the Design Thinking Process and Bloom’s Taxonomy Methodology while chalking out our curriculum to ensure that pertinent skills are imparted aptly at a suitable time. They have been modified to suit our curriculum and comprise the following steps

The Teaching Process

Our Lesson Plan is divided into three steps:

  • Identify Objective
  • Identify Skills
  • Identify Resources

All the necessary support is provided to help the children connect with the theme as effortlessly and effectively as possible. Various activities are meticulously planned and executed to achieve the desired results.

All this is achieved through the process of UBD (Understanding by Design). The learning mechanism necessarily encompasses the ‘WHY, WHAT, WHERE AND HOW’ of all that is taken up.

  • Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning

    Every project is approached keeping in mind the SEE Learning objectives. We aim to sensitize our children to exhibit the values of Compassion, Kindness, Sensitivity and Empathy at all times.

  • Happiness Quotient

    The Happiness Quotient is an integral part of our curriculum. It helps in the evolution of happy, well rounded, confident and expressive children who are ably equipped to move on to the next phase of their lives.