Putting Children First

Making Education Fun

Nurturing Human Values in Young Minds

Care for the Child's Feelings and
Emotional Wellbeing

Prioritising the Child's Privacy and Safety

At Step by Step Nursery School, we are driven by the values of 'love' and 'respect'. Our programmes are a manifestation of our beliefs. Our curriculum provides learning experiences to develop your child's imagination and hone age-appropriate skills. We believe our commitment to professional development enables us to continuously enhance our learning process to benefit our children.

  • Spatial
    Visual Learning

    Children perceive, analyse and understand visual information.
  • Tactile

    Children learn through physical activity.
  • Cognitive

    Children observe, categorise and discover patterns.
  • Logical

    Children learn by analysing numbers and abstract visual information.
  • Interpersonal

    Children are inspired to be more sensitive and communicate effectively.
  • Musical Learning

    Children learn to understand the rhythm and patterns in sound and other auditory information.
  • Intrapersonal

    Children are supported and respected for their uniqueness.
  • Linguistic

    Children learn to express themselves through written and spoken words.
  • Gross Motor

    Children improve whole-body movements to perform everyday tasks.
  • Fine Motor

    Children improve the co-ordination between all the small muscles.

Programmes We Provide

  • Play Group

    Age Group: 14 months+
  • Toddlers

    Age Group: 17 months+
  • Montessori

    Age Group: 29 months+
  • Special Education Needs

* Age as on 31st March 2024

Parent Speak

Smita SingalOctober 2019

Step by Step Nursery School is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. Over the last couple of years, both my children have attended Step by Step Nursery School and to say they have enjoyed their time there is an understatement. They have thrived in this environment. Chopra Ma'am and her wonderful staff make each and every child feel special and unique whilst providing them with the special and academic skills needed as they make the transition from pre-school to “Big School”.

Harkeerat S. AhluwaliaNovember 2019

When we were shortlisting pre-schools for our twin boys, Step by Step was on top of the pile; and I can assert that this reputation is well deserved. The school provides a rich blend of nurturing, learning and discovery. I have found the school and its staff, personally engaged and proactive in partnering with parents, to develop well rounded and socially adept individuals. The unvarnished joy and energy on our kids’ faces when heading to school is more than a testament for us and reaffirms our faith in the school every morning.